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Longze Magnet Electronic Co.,Ltd was established in 1999, is the batch production of various kinds of magnet

material,Professional manufacturer of magnet materials. The main products of our company are all kinds of ndfeb magnets,

ferrite magnets, permanent magnet, plastic magnet, rubber magnets, products are widely used in electronic industry, mining

and metallurgy, medical treatment, industrial automation, oil energy industry, civil industry and so on.

Longze Magnet Electronic has been adhering to the "quality first, reputation first", to science and technology innovation,

improving the quality of the product. Company production of rotor magnet quality is excellent, since 1999, has become the

major domestic and international aquatic products company, washing machines, the main supplier of the pump manufacturer.

Our company has the production of various kinds of magnetic product, the monthly output is more than 10 millon of various

kinds of magnet. With various specifications of the mould, and can request according to the customer or provided by user

drawing development mold, produce various specifications of the magnetic material.

Our company implements the 24 hour hotline service system, at any time according to customer request arrange production, door

to door delivery.

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NO.1 Yanzhen Avenue, Liushi Industrial Area, Dongyang, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China



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